General Insurance

Insurance Companies are very competitive at the moment, so it is important to shop around. As Independent Financial Brokers, Claffey & Egan Financial Brokers can do this for you. Insurance companies normally accept all details at face value however if there is a claim they will check all details. Any omissions or inaccuracies whether relevant or not may invalidate the policy.


Home Insurance

  • Primary Homes
  • Investment Homes
  • Holiday Homes
  • Guest Houses

We can generally get you a Home Insurance quote over the phone. There are flexible payment options – laser, credit card, cheque, or you can spread the cost of paying the premium in monthly installments.

Commercial Insurance

All commercial property insurance can be arranged.

Liability Insurance

Public/Product and Employers Liability Insurance.

Hotels, pubs, shops & offices

Combined packages can be arranged for all businesses.

Industrial Properties/Warehouse Risk

Motor Insurance

Cars & commercial vehicles insurance, haulage fleet, taxis & hackneys.

We offer the choice of third party fire & theft or comprehensive insurance.

We also offer full no claims bonus protector or step back bonus protector.

Nursing Homes & Leisure Centres