Business Protection

We understand that being a business owner comes with a lot of pressure. Let us help you protect your company and investments against the unexpected. 

Company Directors Insurance

Company Directors Insurance ensures that on the death of a Company Director, there is sufficient cash available to buyback the shares from the deceased’s estate. Each Director therefore takes out a Life Assurance Policy on their own life, in trust for the surviving Directors.


Partnership Insurance
With Partnership Insurance, each partner takes out a policy on their own life in trust for the other partners. Upon the death of a partner, the proceeds would become payable to the surviving partners, enabling them to buy out the deceased next of kin.


Key Person Insurance
Key Person Insurance protects your company on the death or specified illness of Key employees by paying out on the financial loss incurred by either of these events. The company takes out an insurance policy on the life of a key employee, ideally until retirement age.